10 Yard Clean Inert Load
10 Yard Clean Inert Load

Please call (818) 355-9597 to order this item.

Size: 18'L x 8'W x 2'H

Days: Up to 8 days

Rent Time Extension: $10/day

Ton(s): 13 included (clean inert material only)

Extra Weight: $80/ton


10 Yard Budget Roll-off Dumpster (Clean Inert Material Load Only)


The 10 cubic yard roll off dumpster rental also known as a "Lowboy" is for  inert material loads ONLY. It is  to be used for the disposal of DIRT, CONCRETE, ROCK, SAND, CLEAN TILE (NO WIRE ATTACHED), BRICKS AND ASPHALT ONLY!  You may load the bin level to the sides of the container with up to 13 tons of clean inert material only (no other material allowed).

Not following all the terms and restrictions will result in additional charges!  If you have any other questions or concerns, please call our office where a staff member will be happy to explain what can and cannot be placed in this bin.

This trash bin rental can be delivered to Residential, Commercial & Studio locations.-The bin has rear double doors for easy loading with or without a wheelbarrel or open top where clean inert debris can be thrown in.-May be placed at home, business, driveway or curbside. 

Restrictions:-Must be filled level with top of container-Up to 13 tons with clean inert material only with NO OTHER MATERIAL.

 If you wish to use the 10yd bin for non-inert material you may load the bin level to the top with up to 2 tons of non-inert material only. Customer will pay a additional $80.00 charge for every ton over the allotted 2 ton weight limit. "CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO ORDER OUR 10YD CONTAINER FOR TRASH/NON-INERT LOADS"

What is considered inert?
-Inert material includes dirt, concrete, rocks, sand, tile (no wire attached), bricks, blocks and asphalt

-If you have grass/sod with your dirt, you may use the 10yd dumpter. The bin must be filled with ONLY Dirt & Grass. No more than 10% of the load can be grass. Do not mix any other inert material if you are getting rid of dirt and grass together.

What is considered non-inert?
-Non-inert material includes trash, roots (thicker than your index finger), sod,trash, drywall, wood, stucco,  stucco with paper, asphalt shingles, plastic, green waste, etc. 

Rental time: 8 days (unless otherwise arranged)
Additional days start on the 8th day @ $10.00/per day for the 10yd bin. Any changes on pick up day must be confirmed at least 2 business days in advance.

Example: If we deliver your 10yd trash bin on Tuesday, your pick up day will be the following week on Wednesday. If your dumpster is delivered on a Saturday, your scheduled removal day will be on Monday. If your removal date falls on a major holiday, your pick up will be the following business day.

Must be filled level with top of container (nothing sticking out of the top of the bin). No hazardous materials such as but not limited to: Chemicals, paints, battery acid, oils etc. Please see our Q&A page tab above for a detailed description of other restricted items, or call our office if you are not sure. Providing trash bin rental in Los Angeles for over 30 years.

Please call (818) 355-9597 For the lowest priced roll off dumpster rental in Los Angeles!

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