“What Size Dumpster Rental do I need?”

Dumpster Rental Sizing Guide

If you've ever had to clean out your garage or help clean a friends backyard, you've probably asked yourself one simple question "What size Dumpster Rental do we need?"
If your sick of that eye sore that has been piling up in your back yard for the past 5 years or you have a messy construction project that will have you stuffing your plastic city containers with debris for the next decade, then you need a dumpster and you need one like yesterday! Now the hard part, What size dumpster rental do you need? Well after reading this guide you should know exactly that.
First question you should ask yourself is, "What is the bulkiest item I need to get rid of?" If its anything bulkier than say a love seat you will probably need a container size of 10 cubic yd and up. If you have a bunch of small items ( bags, clothes, boxes, old lamps etc.) a 3 cu yd “rent a bin” size might do the trick. Here are the different size dumpster most trash bin rental companies carry. Which one will be right for your next project? Let's check out the 4 most common size dumpsters in the Waste Industry.

3 yard trash bin

The 3 cu yd trash bin aka (the rent a bin) is the most common size dumpster, this is the trash bin you usually see behind most apartments, gas stations or restaurants. Dimensions are 4ft tall x 6 ft wide x 4 ft deep. They are called a 3 cubic yard trash bin rental because they hold 3 cubic yard of debris (simple right)?. Now this is the bin you would need for a smaller garage clean out, light landscaping debris, light bathroom or room remodel etc... I would not recommend this size dumpster for larger demolitions with heavy inert material or a larger landscaping project, anything bulkier than a love seat would just take up most to all the room in your dumpster (wasting you time and money). Please note that these bins usually come with a lighter weight limit compared to the larger roll off style bins.

Now for the roll off style bins, they get their name "roll off dumpsters" from how they are delivered, rolling off the back of the truck. They usually have open tops and rear double doors that open out so you can walk your trash in or just throw it over the sides. They are large containers that require a larger truck to deliver them compared the their smaller cousin the 3 cu yd.

10 yard dumpster for rent

The smallest of the roll off family is the 10 cu yd dumpster bin aka (the lowboy bin). It's mainly used for inert material such as dirt, rock, tile, sand asphalt, brick or concrete loads because of its low to the ground design making it easier for you to wheel barrel this heavy material from the back or the sides of the bin. The most popular dimensions are 18ft long x 8 feet wide x 2 feet tall. The 10 yd bin would also be ideal for debris that is long and flat, such as doors, wood flooring, long pieces of wood, small household items etc...

25 Yard Dumpster Rental

The 25 cu yd dumpter bin is used for almost any type of medium size clean up projects. Its dimensions are usually 22 feet long x 8 feet wide x 4 feet tall. This bin is great for medium sized garage clean outs, larger landscaping or construction projects. These bins hold a lot of trash but are nothing compared to the largest of the dumpsters!

40 Yard Dumpster For Rent

The 40 cu yd dumpster bin is usually the largest container in any roll off companies fleet. This is the bin rental you want when you have a large landscaping project or just need to completely demo your entire house! Its dimensions are usually 22 feet long x 8 feet wide x 6 feet tall. When you don't want to waste time playing tetris loading debris into a bin, this is the one you need to order. The 40 cu yd bin is usually a good choice when you are not sure how much trash you will come across. The deeper you dive into your demolition or garage clean out you learn that it's better to go bigger! This way you have room left over in your trash container instead of running out of room mid project and have to order another trash bin doubling your cost.

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